Choosing The Right Type Hemorrhoids Surgery

Choosing The Right Type Hemorrhoids Surgery

Hemorrhoids are not truly medically alarming per se but is socially distressing. But like any other non-urgent disease, it poses a danger when in the advanced stage or severe. This particular typically necessitates hemorrhoids surgical treatment for a definitive treatment.

Usually, Hemorrhoids are Caused by Too Much Straining When Defecating

This usually happens with constipation and chronic diarrhea. Chronic diarrhea causes you to stress because of the impulse it creates even though the stool is soft or watery. The main cause is low fiber in the diet as well as too much alcohol intake. Other non causes of snoring are usually advanced age and pregnancy.

The main course of treatment is to modify the diet to be able to increase the fiber and smooth intake. Then the symptoms should be treated, usually with hemorrhoid creams and ointments and also treat yourself to a hot sitz bath, where you take a seat on a basin with warm water. These treatments can be effective for small in order to moderate cases. Sometimes it can work with severe stage, but those are rare cases. Hemorrhoids surgery offers immediate relief of the disease. You are usually sedated, and when you wake up the hemorrhoids are gone. All you have to do now is to heal and plan your course in order to keep the hemorrhoids from recurring.

There are Several Hemorrhoids Procedures to be Able to Cure the Disease

Let us look at them one by one. Dilation is created by forcefully starting the anus to reduce the pressure on the blood vessels around this. This would reduce the swelling. Fecal incontinence results if the task is not done properly.

Doppler Ligation is Done Using an Anoscope With a Doppler Probe

This is inserted inside the anus as well as the other end is attached to a monitor so the dilated blood vessels can be seen. The swollen arteries are bound using the probe and watching it through the check. This prevents unneeded incisions and there is not necessary to stay long in the hospital.

  • Sphincterectomy is a procedure the place where a part of the anal sphincter is cut to reduce the pressure.
  • This has the same function as dilation mentioned above and unfortunately also the same problems if not done properly.
  • Additionally, there is hemorrhoidectomy which is done by ligating the the actual hemorrhoid itself.
  • This process will be restricted to really severe cases and is not just carried out unless really necessary.

Stapled Hemorrhoidectomy is in Hot Water Second Degree to Really Severe Cases

This operation is the most recent procedure today and is most preferred by many. Surgical removal is not the end all of hemorrhoid treatment. It should now plan on keeping the hemorrhoid from recurring so that there should be diet modification by increasing the fiber and fluid intake. Aside from this, alcohol intake should be loweredas well.


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  • Alternative medicine is a great help with regards to preventing the recurrence of hemorrhoids.
  • They can give herbal concoctions that keep the stool in just the right consistency to make bowel movement comfy.
  • This is a great add on to the therapy after hemorrhoids surgery .
  • The ideal choice of treatment for advanced and severe stages of hemorrhoids is actually hemorrhoids surgery.
  • Here are some tips that could help you decide whether hemorrhoids surgery is for you or not.