Do You Suffer with Hemorrhoids?

Do You Suffer with Hemorrhoids?

Lot of people in the world have experienced and suffered through the pain of hemorrhoids. Yet, sometimes when a person is going through hemorrhoids, they are ashamed or embarrassed to be able to talk about it. Nevertheless, suffering alone is not the way to help your hemorrhoid problem. Individuals who are overweight or women who are pregnant usually suffer with hemorrhoids because of the pressure of the weight in the pelvic area as well as the strain that it causes to the anal muscles. Fortunately, there are different types of remedies you can try as a hemorrhoids treatment right in your own home.

You will change to a fiber rich diet, it will allow your stool to pass simpler without producing more strain and tearing new tissue.

Use of ice packs in the rectum or anal area will help to reduce the swelling and pain.

You Ought to Clean the Location Regularly With a Wet Tissue or Warm Water.

After each bowel movement you can apply witch hazel directly to the hemorrhoids which will also help reduce the pain.

  • Drink more than 8 ounces of liquid a day.
  • This will help with your digestive tract and will also help prevent hemorrhoids.
  • Three times a day take a stroll that will also help to reduce pain and swelling.
  • However, do not walk too much or it could cause your hemorrhoids to become even worse.

Take nonprescription advil, naproxin or acetaminophen to help reduce the swelling and pain.

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  • There are also some simple activities as well as exercises you can try to help reduce the pain and use as a hemorrhoids treatment.

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    • Lay on the floor with a pillow underneath your base and place your legs up on a chair or the headboard of a bed.
    • You should lay this way for about thirty minutes.
    • This kind of helps reduce the pressure or strain in the anal area.
    • Another exercise you can look at is to place your knees on the bed and bend your upper body forward, regenerating your head on the mattress.
    • You should maintain this position also for about 30 minutes, rotating your head from right to left to be able to help with any stiffness.

    Most Physicians Will Recommend a Topical Cream or a Suppository to Help Reduce the Pain

    With those who may have a severe case of hemorrhoids, then surgery maybe an option for you. After surgery it takes about a month to heal and you will experience a lot more intense pain after urinating or having a bowel movement. You may also loose control of the gas, bowel movement and mucus. Try to alleviate your own hemorrhoids with the at home hemorrhoids treatment before deciding to go in for surgery.

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